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Obstetric Acronyms

A - AC  abdominal circumference

    - AF  artificial feeding

    - APH  antepartum haemorrhage

    - ARM  artificial rupture of menbranes


B  BF  breastfeeding

    - BIBA  brought in by ambulance

    - BPD  biparietal diameter


C  CCT  controlled cord traction 

    - CPD  cephalo-pelvic disproportion

    -CTG  cardiotocograph

    -CVS  chorionic villus sampling

D  - DCDA  dichorionic diamniotic

       (twins - 2 amniotic sacs, 2 placentas)

     -DR  Dawes Redman (automated analysis of CTG)


E  ECV  external cephalic version

    - EDD  estimated delivery date

    - EDF  end diastolic flow (umbilical cord)

    - ERPC  evacuation retained products conception

F  - FBS  fetal blood sampling

    - FH  fetal heart

    - FL  femur length

    - FSE  fetal scalp electrode

G  - GDM  gestastional diabetes

H  - HIE  hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy

     - HC  head circumference

     - HVS  high vaginal swab


I   - IOL  induction of labour

    - IUD  intrauterine death  

    - IUGR  intrauterine growth restriction

    - IUT  intrauterine transfusion


K  - KFD  Kiellands Forcep Delivery

L  - LMP  last menstrual period

    - LSCS  Lower Segment Caesarian Section


M  MCA  middle cerebral artery (on fetal USS)

     - MCDA  monochorionic diamniotic

       (twins- 1 placenta, 2 amniotic sacs)

     - MCMA  monochorionic monamniotic

       (twins - 1 placenta, 1 amniotic sac)

     - MROP  manual removal of placenta

     - MSV  Mauriceau-Smellie-Viet manoeuvre

       (for breech delivery- fetal neck flexion)

N  NBF   Neville Barnes Forceps

     - NVD   normal vaginal delivery

O  - OA  occiput anterior (face down)

     - OP  occiput posterior (back to back)

     - OT  occiput transverse 

P  PET  pre-eclampsia toxaemia

    -  PI  pulsatility index (placental doppler study)

    -  PIH  pregnancy induced hypertension

    - PPH  post-partum haemorrhage

    - PPROM  premature, prelabour rupture of membranes

    - PROM  prolonged rupture of membranes

R   RhD  Rhesus disease

S   SGA/SFGA  small (for) gestational age

    -  SPD  symphysis pubis dysfunction

    - SROM  spontaneous rupture of membranes

    - STV  short term variability (of the CTG)

    - SVD  spontaneous vaginal delivery

T  TAPS  twin anaemia polycythemia sequence

      (chronic inter-twin tranfusion)

    - TTTS/TTS  twin to twin transfusion syndrome


U   UA  umbilical artery

      UV  umbilical vein

V  VBAC  vaginal birth after caesarian section

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