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the no-block block

The question is, was it ever in the epidural space?! If the suggestion is that it was and now is not giving a block, why is it not working?

In the case of a catheter never having seen the inside of the epidural space, and there has never been any suggestion of a block, the obvious next move is to reinsert it, where possible by a more senior anaesthetist.

If it once was working and now 'no block', what's the reason?

Check catheter length as first line, has it moved? Is it out altogether?

Was it inserted in a primip induction at 1cm, and it actually is working? Very early epidurals, when the woman is not in established labour, can give the impression of no or inadequate block when in established labour. 

Is the baby malpositioned and this is actually an OP-baby block?

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